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Visual Guard 2019 - Access Management and User Authentication Software

Visual Guard 2019 is Available

Visual Guard 2019 brings compatibility with .Net Core to secure cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), Cloud and IoT applications.
It also includes a new module to simplify integration with Angular applications.

May 2019 VG 2019, Compatibility, .Net Core, Angular, Cloud, IoT, Applications
FIPS Compliance

FIPS Compliance

By connecting to Visual Guard and accessing the Encryption settings you can enable the FIPS compliance mode .

October 2018 VG 2018, Encryption, Compliance
Synchronize Visual Guard and Active Directory accounts

Use/Edit AD Accounts Attributes from VG

Map Active Directory accounts attributes with Visual Guard users attributes to reuse or edit AD accounts and synchronize AD and VG user accounts.

October 2018 VG 2018, Active Directory, User Accounts
Visual Guard GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance for Business Applications

This paper summarizes how GDPR applies to the context of business applications and explains how Visual Guard helps to make your applications GDPR compliant.

September 2018 VG 2018, White Paper, GDPR, Compliance
Visual Guard

What is new in VG 2018?

Not only VG2018 is expanding its feature set, it is also addressing GDPR requirements, by helping organizations making their business applications GDPR compliant.

Application Real Time Monitoring Visual Guard

Monitor activities with real-time graphs

Monitor sensitive activities in real-time: access to certain data, execution of certain business transactions, trigger of certain security events, etc.

June 2018 VG 2018, News, audit, reporting
Visual Guard

Auditing Permissions in VG 2018

It may be complex to keep track of user permissions therefore, VG 2018 introduces new features to list permissions of a user or a group and find their origin.

IAM with Visual Guard

Identity and Access Management

How to manage fined-grain permissions in your business applications
This document looks at identity management and access control (IAM) inside applications. It contains recommendations for those in charge of conceiving access control systems, organizing access rights and administering applicative security on the long term.

Security Breach Protection

Protect against security breach

Visual Guard helps protecting against Unauthorized access to the security data, denial of service, Password cracking, Interception of information...
Multi-tenant and SaaS Applications Security

Access Control for Multi-tenant and SaaS Applications

As with any other application, you may want to secure these applications with user authentication, user permissions and auditing features. In such a case, multitenant applications need to meet several criteria: Protect Data from Other Tenants and Delegate administration privileges...

Best Practice, SaaS, Multi-tenant,
SaaS Security

9 Key Points to Securing your Saas Applications

Are you creating a security system for a SaaS application? This article is here to help! It lists the important questions to ask from the beginning of your project to avoid security breaches or functional limitations that will hold you back later.
Close all doors in your applications

3 Reasons to "Close All Doors"

Why YOU need to abide by the Principle of Least Privilege.
Most people remember to secure against external threats, but what about the security of internal data in your applications?

Fight the Password Fatigue

Fight Password Fatigue

Password fatigue is the phenomenon of feeling overwhelmed by the need to remember all of them. To combat this, many users have found coping strategies that undermine the security policies that the passwords were created to enforce.

How to Comply with Security Standards for Health Care Applications

Governments around the world are promoting and standardizing the digitization of patient information in the health care sector... Specifically, we will look at how the United States has implemented certain regulations that obligate health care actors to add new features to their applications within a certain time frame; this requires a solution that meets standards across the board and is easy to implement even in existing applications

Access Control in Multi-Tenant Applications with Visual Guard

"Multi-tenant" and "Software as a service" applications are becoming more and more common. Companies are looking for different ways to manage their IT needs. They expect solutions that can adapt to their internal organizational structure and lower their deployment and maintenance costs. Multi-tenant applications allow just that – low cost and flexible architecture. However, multi-tenant applications also pose unique challenges. In this article, we will look at security administration and user management in a multi-tenant application with Visual Guard.

Visual Guard Best Authentication Tool 2010

For the second year in a row, Visual Guard was chosen “Best Authentication Tool” by the readers of Code Project.

Code Project runs an annual reader survey, asking them to rate their favorite tools, in categories such as Reporting, Debugging, and SQL Database tools. These results, decided by a community of developers more than seven million strong, are based on real trials and in-the-field experience.
Visual Guard is thrilled to be in the company of tools from companies like Red Gate, Intel, and SAP.
See for yourself why Visual Guard was chosen “Best Authentication Tool”

May 2010 press-release

The Real Cost of Passwords

How to simplify user management in your applications

In a 2002 NTA Monitor survey, it was found that the typical intensive computer user had, on average, 21 passwords. ... Password fatigue is the phenomenon of feeling overwhelmed by the need to remember all of them. To combat this, many users have found coping strategies. For example, they often create a list of passwords in a file, or even put them on post-its stuck to their terminals. All of this undermines the security policies that the passwords were created to enforce.

The Code Project announced the winners of their First Annual Members Choice awards for best development products and tools.

Members were asked to rate their favorites on tools. The Code Project staff then compiled the highest rated listings, awarding the highest ranked in each product category. The results reflect actual perceptions of what developers value. Each member decides which companies or products deserve recognition, based on in-the-field experience.

Dec 2009 press-release

VSJAdding security to an application can be remarkably easy with Visual Guard for .NET

Application security is such a problem that most developers prefer to ignore it. If ignoring it is impossible then we often implement a custom solution with user lists and passwords, or we simply expect the user control provided by the operating system to do the job [...] Visual Guard for .NET puts an end to this shoddy approach to security by making it trivial to implement and by providing good administration tools, and it works for both desktop applications and ASP.NET websites.
by Mike James

dotnet - Visual Guard .NET

El reciente caso aparecido en la televisión nacional, donde una factura recibida por un usuario mostraba los apellidos de éste cambiados por palabras ofensivas, ha puesto en evidencia una vez más la importancia de que las aplicaciones a través de las cuales los empleados manipulan los datos con que las empresas operan realicen una correcta autenticación y registro de actividad de sus usuarios. Este mes presentamos Visual Guard .NET, un cómodo y útil marco de trabajo que permite gestionar de una manera eficiente y centralizada los usuarios, roles y permisos de una aplicación y asegurar el acceso de los usuarios a cada uno de los elementos de la misma...
by Octavio Hernández

Secure your Saas applications with Visual Guard

Are you creating a security system for a SaaS application? Visual Guard is here to help! This article will list the important questions to ask during your project and the answers that Visual Guard provides to avoid security breaches or functional limitations that will hold you back