Multi-factor Authentication Security for Business Applications

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) proves to be highly effective in neutralizing the risks affiliated with compromised passwords. In simple terms, Multi-factor Authentication adds an additional layer of security for business applications to protect highly sensitive personal & commercial data.

Passwords created through common human practices are no longer reliable unless you constraint users with a heavy password policy. This leads to frequent changes as passwords become too complex for users to remember. In such scenarios, MFA facilitates administrators to verify users’ identity using information such as log-in behavior patterns, location, device name, and so on.

Using Hardware tokens for Multi-Factor Authentication is a strong authentication method but requires to equip all users which imply delays, high costs, and constraints for users. This compelled organizations to make a choice between security and ease of use for user authentication.

Visual Guard offers a 100% software-based strong authentication solution and avoids the weaknesses of previous solutions.
Considering all the parameters - risks, security, constraints for users, management load & costs for organizations of all sizes - Visual Guard is the must-have multi-factor authentication solution for professional applications.

Read the full-fledged guide on how to make the most of Visual Guard’s strong MFA solution for your business with its low cost, high security & agility features.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Business Applications