What is new in VG 2018?

In addition to expanding and enhancing, VG2018 addresses GDPR requirements, helping organizations making their business applications GDPR compliant.

This major version introduces a new feature set for monitoring and reviewing sensitive application or security events with real-time and historical graphs.

We also added new Permission Audit features, for example to review the permissions of a given user, group or role.

A new web console is introduced, based on .Net MVC and responsive design. For starter this new console will manage Event Notifications, a new feature set introduced with VG 2018, to send email notification to authorized personnel, when important security or application events are triggered. In the future, this new console will include more VG administration features, and eventually replace the current Web Console.

VG 2018 also includes improvements to extend the VG data model and make it more flexible: relationships between roles and groups have been improved, and it is now possible to grant permissions directly inside a role (without using permission sets).

Several improvements are also introduced in the Windows console, for instance to manage, search and filter large numbers of groups.

You can read more about the new VG 2018 features in the VG Update List Page