Traceability & Audit

As IT regulations become more prominent for protecting personal, financial and healthcare data, the need for traceability and audit increases.

Visual Guard includes features designed to record sensitive activities, monitor them in real time, send email alerts and audit your applications.

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To comply with most regulations and security requirements, these features include:

Log important events

Sensitive activities are recorded in a secured Repository:

  • Important business transactions
  • Access to important data
  • Security events (user login, access rights granted…)

Consolidate the trace of all applications in a central location

Log Important Application Events

Monitor activities with Real-time Graphs

Monitor sensitive activities in real-time: access to certain data, execution of certain business transactions, trigger of certain security events, etc.

Select certain activities and follow their evolutions - for instance, active connections to your application - or detect possible issues - for example, financial transactions processed at unusual times…

Real Time Monitoring

Send email alerts for sensitive events

Send email notifications when certain activities are detected.

Alert administrators, controllers or managers when important or suspicious events occur:

  • Business operations (users processing certain data for example)
  • Security operations (administrators granting critical authorizations for instance)
Sending notifications for sensitive events

Analyze past activities

Generate historical graphs to:

Analyze business trends.
Detect possible issues - for instance unexpected volumes of operations...

Analyze activities with Historical Graphs

Analyze user attendance

Attendance graphs show you when your application is used.

They display the time and the number of successful or invalid connections.

Attendance Chart

Audit sensitive activities

Review application security and sensitive activities under various angles:

  • Activities of a given user, over a certain period
  • Operations performed through a given application
  • Activities of a given type (wire transfer for instance) for all users, across all applications
  • Certain security events, over a given period.
  • Privileged users activities (admins) over a given period, for a given type of event (creating user, granting access rights...).
  • etc.
Audit security and sensitive activities

Review the access rights of a particular user

List the permissions of a given user.

The same feature is available to review the permissions of user groups and roles.

List permission of a user

Generate reports about your application security

Generate detailed reports.
Document the access control configuration of your application(s) : users, groups, roles permissions, etc.

Application Security Reports

Independent feature set

Traceability and audit is the 3rd category of features covered by Visual Guard.

If needed, you can implement only audit and traceability features.

Other modules are optional and depend on the requirements you need to comply with (Identity and User Management, Access Control / Fine Grain Permissions).

Visual Guard

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