Modernize the security of your PowerBuilder Application

Take your PowerBuilder Security to the next level

Visual Guard is a security Framework, adding security features to your applications. It is a modular solution, covering the most complex requirements, from application-level security to Corporate IAM (Identity and Access Management).

PowerBuilder with Active Directory

PowerBuilder integration with Active Directory

1. Integrate with Active Directory

Users will sign in PowerBuilder Applications with their Windows account

Single Sign-On (SSO) and PowerBuilder Applications

SSO for PowerBuilder Applications

2. Implement Single Sign-On (SSO)

Sign in once, and enter all your applications

Centralizing the security of applications

SSO for PowerBuilder Applications

3. Centralize Security for several technologies

A Single System securing .NET, Java, PowerBuilder, Oracle, SharePoint, PHP, etc.

Comply with Regulations

Audit PowerBuilder Applications Security

4. Comply with SOX, HIPAA and other regulations

Add Security Audit and Reporting features

Delegate Daily Security management to business users

Audit PowerBuilder Applications Security

5. Delegate Security Admin to Business Users

Let Managers, clients, helpdesk manage the daily security