Visual Guard Update List

Visual Guard 2019 GA

Support of .NET Core

  • Visual Guard 2019 is compatible with .Net Core to secure cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), cloud, and IoT applications
Visual Guard supports .NET Core

Support of Angular

  • VG 2019 includes a new module to simplify the integration with Angular applications.
Visual Guard supports Angular

Web Administration Console

  • The VG 2019 Web Console has been redesigned. In addition to offering a modern look, it is now responsive and can be used on all screen sizes, including mobile devices.
  • The web console also includes new graphs for applications and sensitive activities monitoring

Win Administration Console

  • Visual Guard 2019 supports securing .Net Core applications (.Net Core Console and .Net Core Web Applications), Hence using Visual Guard WinConsole, you can add your .net core applications to the repository.
  • In the Event viewer wizard, it allows to filter event logs by application.
  • Now, you can have the progress status of deployment process in deployment repository wizard.
  • It allows to 'Edit Permissions' for Role and PermissionSet in more user-friendly way.
  • It allows to 'Edit PermissionSets' for Role and PermissionSet in more user-friendly way.