RSA Conference 2020 in San Francisco, USA

The Visual Guard (VG) team attended the RSA Conference 2020 dedicated to Cybersecurity from February 24 - 28, 2020 at Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA.

The VG team took the opportunity to discuss business applications’ security solutions at the RSA Conference 2020 with global clients and business leaders.

Hackers attack business applications’ data or their functionalities by trespassing classic client or network protections. Visual Guard integrates at the heart of business applications making its application security impossible to bypass.

Organizations can define user permissions for each feature of an application. This allows businesses to have complete control over who can access a page, view or edit restricted data fields, press particular buttons, and much more.

Visual Guard comes with a full set of features to monitor application activities, for instance:

  • Monitor application usage in real-time.
  • Trigger alerts about suspicious activities.
  • Trace privileged user operations.
  • Audit the security configuration.

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RSA Conference in San Francisco USA