Core Features

User Management

Powerful user account management features and user-friendly administration console for user provisioning and management.

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User Authentication

Ready-to-use authentication features and integration with existing systems

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Permissions and Roles

Define and Manage access rights in your applications

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Reporting and Auditing

Audit Access Control Rights - Track operations

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Why Choose Visual Guard

Manage User Permissions in any Application

  • Define roles containing permissions for one or several applications
  • Manage a hierarchy of user groups, and grant roles at group level
  • Restrict user access rights according to their role
  • Hide or deactivate components of your applications' UI

Combine permissions with User Authentication

  • Manage user accounts within Visual Guard, or reuse your own accounts and grant them application permissions
  • Delegate user administration to non technical staff
  • Implement changes without modifying the application's code

A single system for all applications

  • Secure multiple technologies: C#, ASP.NET, Winforms, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, MVC4, PowerBuilder... and Any technologies Supporting HTTP Requests (ie Java, C++)
  • Support all types of applications Windows, Web, Web Services, n-tiers, SaaS, Multiple sites/distinct networks...)
  • Implement Single Sign-On: One user account to access all applications and websites

Try Visual Guard

20 years of Application Security Expertise

Consulting - Assistance - Support

Novalys can help you put your application security in place. Our team offers the following services.

Functional and technical specifications

Analysis of existing applications, Interviewing users on security management rules, Definition and attribution of permissions and user roles, Definition and repartition of administration privileges, Proposition of global or local organization of application security.


Integration of Visual Guard in your applications, Securing complex objects (Web services, classes…), Development of specific components or adaptation of Visual Guard components to respond to complex functional or technical specifications.


Installation and configuration of VG with ADFS 2.0, Installation and configuration of Web SSO with Visual Guard, Creation of a deployment procedure for security in production.


Our design is with responsive in mind. Our themes are compatible with various desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Pre-sales and post-sales can be two very different things... I had a very uniform experience thanks to Anne

New Century Health Director of Systems Development

The support provided by Novalys has been excellent and very quick

Head of Securty of an international insurance company

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