New window for selecting Windows Accounts

If you need to grant access to Windows accounts, you must first declare them in your Visual Guard Repository.

VG 2018 includes a new search window to query Active Directory and declare Windows Accounts or Windows Groups in your VG Repository:

Selecting AD accounts

  • In the VG WinConsole, click on "Users" > "Add" > "Add Windows User or Group"
  • The "Select Users or Groups" window is displayed.
  • Click on "Advanced" or enter a string and click on "Check Names".
  • Select an operator and type a string in “Common Queries” to list AD accounts.
  • Check boxes in the grid to select 1 or several AD accounts

Sorting AD Accounts

If you have a large number of AD accounts, you may need to filter and sort them.

Sorting Windows Accounts AD
  • Click on a header to sort your result : once for ascending, twice for descending,
  • A small arrow appears on the right of the title, reminding the ascending/descending order,
  • If you need more than 1 sorting criteria, press the [Shift] and select additional columns,
  • If you wish to remove a sorting criteria, press the [Ctrl] key and select the corresponding column.

Selecting specific AD accounts

  • Click on the small pin next to a column title,
  • A listbox opens where you can select some specific values,
  • Rows are dynamically filtered in the grid as you check boxes in the listbox.

Filtering Winows Accounts

Adding a single filter

Filtering Winows Accounts with a single filter

Instead of selecting specific values, you can create a filter:

  • Click on the symbol below the column title
  • Select an operator in the list
  • Type a value next to the operator
Filtering Winows Accounts Adding a single filter
  • Rows are dynamically filtered while you are typing.
  • Your filter is described below the grid.

Adding multiple filters

If you need more filter criteria, click on "Edit filter", in the bottom right corner of the grid.

  • The "Filter Editor" window opens
  • Add more filter criteria > they are listed in the Editor
  • Click "Apply" to test your criteria, "OK" to validate and return to the grid

Filtering Winows Accounts with multiple criteria

When adding a new criteria, click on each keyword to choose:

  1. The logical operator combining this criteria with others
  2. The column to which the new criteria will apply
  3. The operator of the criteria
  4. The corresponding value

Filtering Winows Accounts with multiple criteria

Reviewing / Removing filters

At anytime, you can:

  • Disable/enable your filters by clicking on the bottom left checkbox
  • Remove a filter by clicking on the bottom left cross
  • Review all criteria of a filter by clicking on the bottom right arrow
  • Remove a single criteria by clicking on the corresponding red cross

Review of Remove Filters on Windows Active Directory Accounts