Virtual Cybersecurity Tour | Business France North America

Novalys’ Application Security & User Authentication Product - Visual Guard was showcased in the Virtual Cybersecurity Tour organized by Business France North America.

This program aimed at introducing top French cybersecurity startups with the best security solutions for businesses to leading American companies. Novalys gladly accepted the invitation to discuss Visual Guard’s robust security framework with Chief Information Security Officers of corporations from various industries such as Schlumberger - Aon - Scotiabank - M&T Bank - Clarify Health Solutions - Tenneco - Stryker.

The discussion kicked-off with insights on the current challenges of the USA cybersecurity market:

  • Changing landscape
  • Get off security by silos
  • Business-driven security
  • Real-time detection of threats & protection

Wherein, Visual Guard has demonstrated a strong strategy to make business application security scalable, flexible, and impossible to bypass.

While most systems barely manage user permissions, Visual Guard secures the most complex applications with an unparalleled level of detail. It offers the ability to specify fine-grained user permissions, integrates monitoring of sensitive operations, provides application security reporting, and detects threats in real-time. VG basically empowers business applications to raise a shield in the event of an attack.


Visual Guard Working - User Permissions Audit


  • Stronger protection
  • Complex requirements covered
  • Immediate Availability
  • Lower budget
  • Scalability
  • Responsive Support provided by experts

Explore the full feature matrix of Visual Guard to learn how to protect business applications from the inside.