Visual Guard 2019 is Available

Visual Guard 2019 brings compatibility with .Net Core to secure cross-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux), Cloud and IoT applications.
It also includes a new module to simplify integration with Angular applications.

The Web Console has been redesigned with a Responsive layout that allows using it on both PCs and mobile devices.

In terms of functionality, a new graph allows visual monitoring of sensitive operations and applications.

Security Monitoring of sensitive applications and operations

With Visual Guard 2019 securing .Net Core Console and .Net Core Web Applications, new options have been added to the WinConsole to add .Net Core applications to the repository.

The WinConsole also benefits from improvements that facilitate the deployment of security data and the modification of permissions and permissions sets.

You also have the possibility to filter events by an application.

Read the full list of security features offered by Visual Guard to protect business applications.