Auditing Permissions

Visual Guard offers various ways of granting permissions to users:

  • You can grant permissions via multiple levels of permission sets and roles.
  • You can grant permissions directly to a user, his group, or a parent of his group.
  • You can manage very large volumes of users and permissions.

As a result, it may be complex to keep track of user permissions.

Therefore, VG 2018 introduces new features to:

  • View all the permission granted to a certain user.
  • List all the permissions granted to a given group, role or permission set.
  • Find the origin of a given permission (how it was granted).
    For instance: Permission A > Permission set B > Role C > Group D > User E

Listing the permissions of a particular entity

Get a complete list of permissions for a given user, group, role or permission set:

  • Open the details page of an entity, for instance the details of a user.
  • Open the tab "Permissions".

Listing the permissions of a user

You can also list permissions from a list of a entity, for example:

  • Select the item ‘Users’ in the Treeview of the winConsole
  • For a given user, click on this button: Listing the permissions of a user
  • A window opens, showing the permissions of this user.