A single account to access both SharePoint and .NET applications

Visual Guard brings together security for multiple technologies in a single solution.
You can create user accounts and grant them access SharePoint and .NET applications.
Visual Guard also permits you to define what users can see and do in each application.

This schema describes how to benefit from Visual Guard Authentication, Permissions and Audit features and continue using the SharePoint Console to manage Sharepoint Websites.

Integration with SharePoint

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Visual Guard provides a native, simple integration process with SharePoint. It consists of:

  • Adding a copy of the VG Runtime in the \bin folder of SharePoint Server and Websites.
  • Modifying the configuration files to rely on the VG Authentication provider and VG Role provider.
  1. SharePoint developers and administrators will continue using the SharePoint Console to manage Sharepoint Websites.
  2. Access Control Administrators will use VG Web Console to grant permissions related to SharePoint Websites, as they would do for .NET applications.  Developers will manage SharePoint websites and permissions as they normally manage .NET applications and permissions.
  3. When users log into SharePoint, the VG runtime will take care of the user authentication and will enforce user permissions (VGDynamicPermissions  Technology available).


  • This model supports all SharePoint Websites and features.
  • End-users, SharePoint Servers, Access Control Servers and Administrators can be located in different Sites. Internet access is the only requirement for this model to work.