Visual Guard Server Console

This page presents the VGServer Console.

The VGServer allows the securing of .Net applications that cannot directly access the repository (no access to the database), and/or applications capable of https or SOAP requests (Java, Delphi, C++, etc…)

The VGServer Console provides a centralized interface to perform all tasks related to the VGServer’s life-cycle. We introduce below some of the features of this console:

VGServer Console GUI

This is the main screen of the VGServer Console. The service panel provides the list of your VGServers.
All features are available from the action panel on the right.

VGServer Console GUI

Configuration Wizard

This wizard automates the entire process of creation and configuration of a VGServer.
Once configured, a VGServer provides access control features to your applications.

Configure of a VGServer

Integration in MMC

The VGServer Console can be integrated with a Microsoft Management Console.

Integration with MMC

Note: If you are looking for another authentication mode, please contact us

Event Viewer

The Event Viewer monitors how the VGServers are working. Several filters are available for easier maintenance.

VGServer Event Viewer

Integration with Microsoft reliability and performance tools

The activity of the servers can be checked in real time with Microsoft reliability and performance tools.

Integration with MS Reliability Performance Tools