Visual Guard Express Edition

Secure your .NET Application for Free!

VG Express Edition enables technology enthusiasts and small shops to benefit from
Visual Guard Professional Security features

User Permissions

Define which DATA and FEATURES users can access in your applications.

Grant permissions in a graphical console, independent from your Code.

User Management

Create user accounts specific to your application, or reuse Windows Accounts.

Automatic integration with ACTIVE DIRECTORY

User Authentication

Form-based Authentication or Single Sign-On (SSO): whatever works best for your organization…


Free .NET Security Framework

VG Express exposes an extended API (over 300 methods)
to integrate VG Features with your applications

Manage Users

  • Create / Read / Update / Delete VG accounts
  • Edit VG accounts attributes
  • Declare Active Directory accounts in VG
  • Define password Policy
  • Manage User Self-Registrations

Manage Permissions

  • Create / Read / Update / Delete Permissions, Permission Sets and Roles
  • Add / Remove Permission in Permission sets
  • Add / Remove Permission sets in Roles
  • Grant/Revoke Roles to Users
  • Grant/Revoke Roles to Active Directory Accounts

Enforce Security

  • Authenticate Users (Windows authentication, Login form, SSO…)
  • Manage passwords (change by user, password reset, lost password…)
  • Load and apply user permissions
  • Supports Winforms, WPF, Webforms, MVC, Web Services, WCF

Visual Guard Dynamic Permissions

See how to define permissions without touching the code of your application.

What is VG Express Edition

VG express is the best way to start with Visual Guard, use it for real, in production, for FREE

All you need to secure a .NET application

  • Manage user Permissions, User accounts and User authentication in a single solution.
  • No need to change your program, just a few lines of codes and you’re all set to go!
  • Daily security administration is done with a Graphical Console, independent from your code

VG Express benefits

  • VG Express licenses are permanent (no time limitation) and 100% FREE of charge.
    Software keys are renewed each year upon request.
  • You also get FREE updates (minor and major versions).
  • You can manage up to 1000 user accounts accessing your application.
  • Technical Support is not included, but can be purchased separately.

Other versions of Visual Guard are available, covering any type of security requirement, IT infrastructures and development technologies.
You can compare Visual Guard versions here.

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  • All you need to secure a .NET application

    Authentify user with their Windows credentials or give them a login/pwd account, grant them permissions and roles in your application.


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  • Advanced features

    Support for several applications and a large userbase. Manage large volumes of users with user groups. Secure several applications. Comply with security regulations (SOX, HIPAA, ISO…). Delegate daily administration with a web console. Secure SaaS / multi-tenant applications.

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  • Enterprise-wide solution

    Support for complex configurations and all development technologies Secure any application, whatever their technology, architecture and locations. Federate user acounts located in various Identity stores.

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User and Identity Management Express Professional Enterprise

Each Enterprise licenses allows declaring a certain number of user accounts. Visual Guard can support millions of users, public-facing systems or multiple international corporate sites. You can choose to centralize all your security in a single Visual Guard instance, or a deploy distributed/regional security systems.

up to 1000 up to 1000 unlimited,
depends on license (*)

Authenticate users with their Windows Accounts and grant them permissions and roles defined within Visual Guard.

Authenticate users with login/password accounts defined within Visual Guard. Define a password policy for these accounts (see below).

for login/password accounts, users can create their account themselves. You can let Visual Guard grant them automatically default roles. You can also require an admin validation before they can access your system.

Define a hierarchy of user groups, for instance replicating the hierarchical structure of your organization. Place users in 1 or several groups. Grant roles à group level.

User Authentication Express Professional Enterprise

Form-based authentication (both for windows accounts and login/pwd accounts)

Visual Guard automatically authenticates users with the Account associated to the current Windows session. Users don't need to enter credentials to access your application(s).

For .NET desktop applications (WPF, Winforms): Visual Guard stores locally the user security data, and keeps managing authentication and permissions while offline.

For login/password accounts, you can customize the rules to define, renew, unlock and expire a password. For Windows accounts, the current Active Directory Password Policy will apply.

User can authenticate with their Windows credentials, although they do not connect from your corporate network. Eg public wifi, mobile Internet, etc.


Single Sign-On across websites hosted in completely independent networks or companies. Users log once, and jump from a website to another, without loging in again

Permissions and Roles management Express Professional Enterprise

Define fine-grain permissions for each application feature or data you wish to restrict access to. Group permissions by permission sets and roles.

Grant role(s) to Users
Grant role(s) to User Groups  
Audit, Compliance, Segregation of duties Express Professional Enterprise

Keep track of user logon, user operations, administrator operations...

Review events. Filter them with multiples criteria (per application, user, dates, device, type of event…)

Visual Guard Applications Express Professional Enterprise

Ready-to-use desktop application, used by administrators, developers and auditor to setup the environment, manage and audit application security (screenshots)

Ready-to-use web application, used by administrators to manage daily security and auditors to control security (screenshots)


Developer utility, used to deploy a security database from dev to test, then production environments.

Development technologies supported Express Professional Enterprise

Visual Guard exposes extended APIs that allows performing all security features by program. APIs are secured to restrict operations based on security permissions granted.

Native integration with Winform, WPF, ASP.NET, WCF, MVC, SharePoint Applications

Native integration with PowerBuilder Classic Applications


Integration with any development technology capable of calling the Web Services exposed by the Visual Guard Server for Authentication, Authorization and Audit purposes.

Architecture Express Professional Enterprise

Centralize the securty of all your applications. Get a global overview of all users and their access rights across the entire IT system. Comprehensive and uniform Control and Audit for your application portfolio.

1 unlimited unlimited

Secure any type of application

Desktop applications with all clients running in the same Network and/or Web application(s) with Server(s) running in the same Network.

Centralize security for applications running in any Network configuration. Support for multiple, independent networks, as well as independent, secured zones isolating database server, service layer and public facing UI (DMZ).


Integration with 1 or several Active Directory located in the same forest than the application.

Federation of multiple Active Directories, hosted ni various network/companies

Customization Express Professional Enterprise

Get the full source code of the Web Admin Console, and adapt it for your business needs. Implement your business logic and corporate presentation standards, and call the Visual Guard API to perform any administration features. Our support team will guide you every step of the way.


Support for any type of user accounts/Identity(ies)/authentication process by developing custom modules within Visual Guard.Our support team will guide you every step of the way.


Implement custom security rules for application security. For example, enforce segragation of duties by defining which roles or user group should be mutually exclusive (can't be granted to the same user). Our support team will guide you every step of the way.


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