You may have heard of the General Data Protection Regulation, but do you know if your applications are impacted? Do they have to be modified? If so, how?

Visual Guard Core Features

User Permissions

Define which DATA and FEATURES users can access in your applications. Grant permissions in a graphical console, independent from your Code.

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User Management

Powerful user account management features and user-friendly administration console for user provisioning and management.

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User Authentication

Ready-to-use authentication features and integration with existing systems

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Reporting and Auditing

Audit Access Control Rights - Track operations

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Why Use Visual Guard

Enhance your
Applications Security

Instantly add new Security features

  • Authenticate users with their Windows account
  • Implement Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Secure SaaS and multi-tenant applications
  • Delegate the daily administration to Managers or Clients
  • Reuse existing user accounts (Facebook, Google, etc.)

Centralize the security
of several applications

Replace several security systems, specific to each application, with a single solution

  • Get a global overview of users and access rights across your entire Application portfolio.
  • Automate controls and audit for all applications
  • Maintain a single security solution

Comply with Regulations and Corporate Standards

Security compliance made easy

  • SOX, HIPAA, ISO...
  • Keep track of all users and administrators operations: Who did what? When? Who allowed it?
  • Focus controls on a given user, operation, date or application

.NET Security Framework

Visual Guard exposes an extended API (over 300 methods)
to integrate security features with your applications

Manage Users

  • Create / Read / Update / Delete VG accounts
  • Edit VG accounts attributes
  • Declare Active Directory accounts in VG
  • Define password Policy
  • Manage User Self-Registrations

Manage Permissions

  • Create / Read / Update / Delete Permissions, Permission Sets and Roles
  • Add / Remove Permission in Permission sets
  • Add / Remove Permission sets in Roles
  • Grant/Revoke Roles to Users
  • Grant/Revoke Roles to Active Directory Accounts

Enforce Security

  • Authenticate Users (Windows authentication, Login form, SSO…)
  • Manage passwords (change by user, password reset, lost password…)
  • Load and apply user permissions
  • Supports Winforms, WPF, Webforms, MVC, Web Services, WCF

Do not reinvent the wheel

Why spend months or years of complex developments, when you can easily implement a ready-to-use solution, embedding a complete feature set?

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We keep up with security standards and technologies for you, and assist you down the road for designing, installing and configuring your system.

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20 years of Application Security Expertise

Visual Guard was initially developed in the 90's for a major banking institution. Since then, it has constantly evolved to comply with modern security requirements. It is now used by medium and large organizations, as well as many software vendors throughout the world.

Visual Guard Versions

Visual Guard is a modular solution covering most application security requirements, from application-level security systems to Corporate Identity and Access Management Solutions.


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  • All you need to secure a .NET application

    Authentify user with their Windows credentials or give them a login/pwd account, grant them permissions and roles in your application.


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  • Advanced features for
    .NET applications

    Support for several applications and a large user base. Manage large volumes of users with user groups. Secure several applications. Comply with security regulations (SOX, HIPAA, ISO…). Delegate daily administration with a web console. Secure SaaS / multi-tenant applications.

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  • Enterprise-wide solution
    for all technologies

    Support for complex configurations and all development technologies. Secure any application, whatever their technology, architecture and locations. Federate user accounts located in various Identity stores.

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Consulting - Assistance - Support

Novalys can help you put your application security in place. Our team offers the following services.

Functional and technical specifications

Analysis of existing applications, Interviewing users on security management rules, definition and attribution of permissions and user roles, definition and repartition of administration privileges, proposition of global or local organization of application security.


Integration of Visual Guard in your applications, securing complex objects (Web services, classes…), development of specific components or adaptation of Visual Guard components to respond to complex functional or technical specifications.


Installation and configuration of VG with ADFS, Installation and configuration of Web SSO with Visual Guard, Creation of a deployment procedure for security in production.


Benefit from a consistent and seamless experience from implementation to production thanks to Visual Guard Professional Support Team.

Pre-sales and post-sales can be two very different things... I had a very uniform experience thanks to Anne

New Century Health Director of Systems Development

The support provided by Novalys has been excellent and very quick

Head of Security of an international insurance company

Some Visual Guard Customers

Visual Guard is used by hundreds of large organizations in various industries such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Government Agencies, etc.

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