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Visual Guard Components Versions

Visual Guard 2019.1

Visual Guard WinConsole WinConsole
Visual Guard WebConsole WebConsole x64
  WebConsole Azure x64
  WebConsole MI x64
Visual Guard WebPortal WebPortal 2019 X64
  WebPortal 2019 X86
Visual Guard Server VG Server

Visual Guard 2018

Visual Guard Runtime and WinConsole VG Runtime
Visual Guard WebConsole WebConsole x86
WebConsole x64
Visual Guard WebConsole Azure WebSites/App Services Azure Web App / Web Services
Visual Guard WebConsole Azure Web Roles Azure Web roles
Visual Guard Notification Console Notification Console x64
Visual Guard Web Portal Web Portal x86
Web Portal x64
Web Portal Azure
Web Portal Azure App
Visual Guard Server VG Server
You need to recreate all VGServers services after the new installation
Visual Guard Federation Client Setup: VG Federation Client
Visual Guard Relying Party Setup: VG Relying Party x86
VG Relying Party x64


Technical Documentation

Installation Instructions

Instructions for upgrading from older version

Upgrade from version 2.7.x to 2.8.x: The authentication process has been modified. If your application uses a version older than 2.7.809.10, you have to check whether this modification is compatible with your code. For more information, see: Authentication Process Modification