5 lines of code to implement SSO in your application

1 - Reference Visual Guard in the application

i.e. add 2 PBL provided by Visual Guard to the application library list.

2 - Create the Security Manager
vge_n_cst_vgmanager uo_vgmanager
uo_vgmanager = CREATE vge_n_cst_vgmanager
3 - Connect to the Access Control repository
uo_vgmanager.of_SetTransObject (…)    
4 - Authenticate the user and load his security
uo_vgmanager.of_verifyuser (…)
The same method applies to both Windows accounts and Username/Password accounts. This will authenticate the user and download his access privileges (if any).
5 - Apply User Access Privileges in the application (optional)

You may use this method if you defined restrictions for the user to access data and/or features in the application. One call in the ancestor window is enough to apply access privileges in the entire GUI.