Visual Guard
Combine Authentication and Permissions

Visual Guard is a modular solution covering most application security requirements, from application-level security systems to Corporate Identity and Access Management Solutions.

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A single system to secure all your applications:

Secured applications can use multiple technologies (.Net, Java, C++, PowerBuilder…).
All types of applications are supported (Windows, Web, Web Services, n-tiers …).
The user can access all applications with one account VG establishes a standard of security by exposing the same API for all applications

Security administration made simple

The same administration console centralizes the security for multiple applications
The Console does not need to be installed, and is accessible from any post (web application)
It is adapted to all user profiles (no technical knowledge necessary)
The administrator maintains one list of users for all applications

Consolidated control of the information system:

The same application – accessible by the Internet – can be used to audit all applications
Auditors can proceed with verifications autonomously, without need to rely on the IT department
They can administer operations in real time (no delay for updates)

A customizable system that can adapt to complex needs:

You define custom user attributes and user groups
You can personalize the administration console (logo, style, homepage functions)
You can develop extensions, to add your own functionalities

Professional services to help you at every step in the process:

Technical Support: to assist you with the installation of Visual Guard (in your system)
Best practices: advice on the definition, organization and deployment of your security data
Proof of concept: creation of a prototype to test the solution in your environment
Implementation: our consultants can integrate Visual Guard into your system and define the properties for you

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