Manages storage of membership information for an ASP.NET application in a Visual Guard repository.

Namespace:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm
Assembly:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm (in Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm.dll) Version: 3.2.912.1 (3.2.912.01)


public class VGMemberShipProvider : MembershipProvider
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Class VGMemberShipProvider _
	Inherits MembershipProvider


This class is used by the Membership and MembershipUser classes to provide membership services for an ASP.NET application using a Visual Guard repository.

To use the VGMemberShipProvider, you must configure your web.config file. You must add this provider in the providers list of the roleManager section and defines this provider as the DefaultProvider.

We strongly recommend to read the "How to integrate Visual Guard in n ASP.Net 2.0 application" document.

This provider does not support the modification of ApplicationName. This provider support only to access to the application defines in the Visual Guard configuration files.

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