Loads the Visual Guard permission of the current user for an ASP.NET application when Visual Guard is enabled. This class cannot be inherited. .

Namespace:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm
Assembly:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm (in Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm.dll) Version: 3.2.912.1 (3.2.912.01)


public sealed class VGHttpModule : IHttpModule
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NotInheritable Class VGHttpModule _
	Implements IHttpModule


This module allows Visual Guard to load security in conjunction with Forms, Windows and Passport authentication. It sets the User property to a VGIPrincipal object.

You can enable this module by declaring it in the list of module in your web.config file.

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