A global application event that is raised when the VGHttpModule is loading permissions for a user.

Namespace:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm
Assembly:  Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm (in Novalys.VisualGuard.Security.WebForm.dll) Version: 3.2.912.1 (3.2.912.01)


public event VGPermissionsLoadingEventHandler PermissionLoading
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public Event PermissionLoading As VGPermissionsLoadingEventHandler


You can use this event to filter the list of user's roles or to change the status of the current authorization process.

You can specify a handler for the PermissionLoading event by adding a public subroutine named VGModule_PermissionLoading to the Global.asax file.

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