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Mapping Attributes of the Module
Visual Guard allows you to Map attributes of the modules with the User Profile Attributes defined in the system.
Please Note:
For a particular Module Type, few attributes will be default mapped like First Name & Last Name. Their Values will be default dispalyed in the User Attributes as mentioned in the User Details tab of the user but only after the user account is successfully authenticated by Visual Guard i.e. user has successfully logged in the Visual Guard at least once.
Follow the steps below to map attributes:
To select a module click on the row of the module as highlighted in the below screen.
  Screen Display
Click in the above screen.
Attributes mapping screen will be displayed as shown below.
  Screen Display

You can perform the following actions on the Attributes Mapping screen, as shown in the above screen.

1. Click to create a new mapping between the attributes of the selected custom module and the attributes of the system modules.
  Screen Display
The selected module's attributes will be listed on the left hand side of the Window. User Profile attributes defined in the system modules will be listed on the right hand side of the window.
An Attribute can be mapped with the Attribute of same data type i.e. Attribute of Integer type can be mapped with Attribute of Integer type only
An Attribute which is already mapped with one Attribute cannot be mapped again with another Attribute.
To save the mapping, click in the above screen and a confirmation screen will be displayed as shown below.
Click to cancel the operation and exit.
  Screen Display
2. You can delete the selected attribute mapping by clicking on . You will be asked for confirmation before deleting the mapping, as shown in the below screen.
  Screen Display
Click to delete the attribute mapping or click to cancel the operation.
3. To close the Attributes mapping screen click .
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