How to request my license keys in Visual Guard .Net

Set up

  • Download Visual Guard .Net.
  • Install Visual Guard .Net following the steps in the installation wizard.

Connect to the Visual Guard .Net Console

  • Go into the menu Start and select the option [Novalys-Visual Guard-Visual Guard Console].
  • Click on « Click here » and connect to the Visual Guard .Net Console.

Connexion Console

Login information :

Login : Admin
Password : pwd

Create a repository
  • In the console select the option [Console Visual Guard]
  • Go into the menu [action – Add repository]

Add repository

  • Follow the steps in the wizard for the creation of the repository. By default the new repository is secured, and you are requested to create a login and password to access the repository once created.
  • Connect to the new repository

Connect to new repository

Key request

  • In the console, select the new repository, and click on “Request license key”

request license key

  • Fill in the form:

Registration Form

Activate your key

Novalys creates the key and sends you an email with the process to complete your registration:

  • Open the Visual Guard .Net console
  • Connect to the repository
  • Click on the menu Action>Download license key
  • Click on the button YES to accept the modification of the license key

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about Visual Guard registration.