Visual Guard Express Edition

Visual Guard Express Edition is a solution enabling technology enthusiasts and small shops to benefit from Visual Guard Identity and Access Management features.
Secure your .NET Application for Free!

Visual Guard Express Edition - All you need to secure a .NET application

Authentify user with their Windows credentials or give them a login/pwd account, grant them permissions and roles in your application.

Get your Free License

  •     Download VG Express
  • Install VG Express Edition
  • Open VG Express Edition Console
  • Create a repository1
  • Integrate Visual Guard Express Edition2

Create a Repository to store Security Data

Integrate your Application

What is VG Express Edition

VG express is the best way to start with Visual Guard, use it for real, in production, for FREE

All you need to secure a .NET application

  • Manage user Permissions, User accounts and User authentication in a single solution.
  • No need to change your program, just a few lines of codes and you're all set to go!
  • Daily security administration is done with a Graphical Console, independent from your code

VG Express benefits

  • VG Express licenses are permanent (no time limitation) and 100% FREE of charge.
    Software keys are renewed each year upon request.
  • You also get FREE updates (minor and major versions).
  • You can manage up to 1000 user accounts accessing your application.
  • Technical Support is not included, but can be purchased separately.

Go Further

End User License Agreement

Uninstall Instructions

You can uninstall Visual Guard using following steps:

  1. Go to Windows Control Panel and select "Uninstall a program". In the list of programs, locate "Visual Guard", and double-click on it. Alternatively, from Windows Start menu, select All programs -> Novalys -> Visual Guard -> Uninstall.
  2. Press the "Yes" button when asked whether you are sure to uninstall.



Getting Started with Visual Guard

Find below a list of ressources to help you get started with using Visual Guard.

How to integrate and secure your applications with Visual Guard Documentation Videos
Integrate Windows form application with Visual Guard Doc Video
Integrate Web Application with Visual Guard Doc Video
Integrate Website with Visual Guard    
Integrate WPF application with Visual Guard Doc Video
Integrate MVC application with Visual Guard Doc Video
Integrate WCF application with Visual Guard Doc Part 1 / Part 2
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Integrate SharePoint application with Visual Guard Doc  
Secure Linq using Visual Guard Doc  
Secure Crystal Reports .NET using Visual Guard Doc  
How to Use Visual Guard Documentation Videos
Download the license   Video
Create Visual Guard Repositories Doc Video
Manage Visual Guard Accounts (Login/password) Doc Video
Manage Windows Accounts Doc Video
Manage Roles Doc  
Manage Permission sets Doc  
Apply permissions without changing your code (Dynamic Permissions) Doc Video
Repository Migration   Video
Repository Migration: Deploy Configuration File   Video
Repository Migration: Deploy Source Repository - Target Repository   Video
User and Identity Management Express Professional Enterprise
Number of user accounts up to 1000 up to 1000 unlimited,
depends on license
Windows accounts
Login/password accounts
Self User Registration
User Groups  
User Authentication Express Professional Enterprise
Form-based authentication
Windows SSO (Single Sign-On)
Mixed-mode Authentication
Off-line mode
Custom Password Policy
Remote Windows Authentication    
Web SSO (Single Sign-On)    
Identity Federation    
Permissions and Roles management Express Professional Enterprise
Dynamic Permissions
Define Static Permissions
Define Roles
Grant Permissions/Roles to Users
Grant Permissions/Roles to Groups  
Audit, Compliance, Segregation of duties Express Professional Enterprise
Log Security and Business Events  
Audit User Operations  
Audit Admin Operations  
Generate Access Control Reports  
Applications & Tools Express Professional Enterprise
Windows Admin Console
Web Admin Console  
Deployment Tool  
Visual Guard Server    
Development technologies Express Professional Enterprise
Secured API for application integration
Integration with .Net Applications
Integration with MS SharePoint
Integration with SAP PowerBuilder    
Integration with Other technologies (Java, PHP, ...)    
Architecture Express Professional Enterprise
Number of applications secured 1 unlimited unlimited
N-tiers, Web and Desktop app
Simple Network Configurations
Complex / multiple networks configurations    
Local Active Directories
Remote Active Directories    
Customization Express Professional Enterprise
Customizable Web Console  
3rd party authentication/identities    
Custom security rules    
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