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Role Based Access Control for .NET applications

Best practice for authentication and permissions?
The objective of this document is to provide the reader with useful information about designing and creating a Role Based Access Control system (RBAC) the complete document

3 Reasons to "Close All Doors"

Why YOU need to abide by the Principle of Least Privilege the article

Security vs. User Autonomy

How do you balance the access your users need with your company’s resources? the article

The Real Cost of Passwords

How to simplify user management in your applications the article

Centralize all aspects of security, for all technologies, in one solution

How to move information, in a way that is simple and intuitive, fostering business development, while at the same time ensuring an optimal level of security against repeated attacks on confidential data? the Business Case

How a global leader in the metals and mining industry secured its factories worldwide with Visual Guard

How to Standardize Access Control Policies the Business Case

How to comply with security standards for health care applications

Why health care actors used Visual Guard to add new security features to their applications the article